Ship It 6: Keeping My Blog Hardcoded

My homepage needs an update and the blog posts section is growing out of hand.

Weekend Project 9: VerySimple UI Component Library

I'm building a UI component library that is simple, customizable, and accessible.

Ship It 5: Refactor a Big Block of Code Into a Mapped Config Using AI

Leverage AI to handle routine tasks such as refactoring, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects.

Ship It 4: Using My AI Assistant to Write Utility React Hooks

Leverage AI to write utility functions and hooks in React instead of installing some random library.

Ship it 3: Create a High Contrast Profile Picture in 30 Seconds

Solid background profile pictures are so in. Learn how to change your profile picture.

Fix it 1: How to Instantly Solve a Problem in the Command Line

Check out how I un-blocked myself in 30 seconds using Cursor's AI prompt in the command line.

Ship it 2: You Don't Need a Designer

You don't need to be a designer to ship a good-looking product. Using tools like v0, you can create a solid starting point for your design.

Ship it 1: Adding a Paywall on My Blog

I needed to add a simple and good-looking way to link blog posts to the more technically detailed versions of themselves on Substack.

Weekend Project 8

Workout navigation on

Weekend Project 7 story and daily workout of the day emails.

Weekend Project 6 pro and basic users.

Weekend Project 5

I quit my expensive workout app.

Weekend Project 4

I want to build a social media assistant.

Weekend Project 3

I want to read, I just don't know what to read.

Weekend Project 2

I'm not a writer, I'm a software engineer.

Weekend Project 1

A year ago, I joined forces with a talented artist...