Weekend Project #6

Subject: wod.is users



Last week's WP5 brought in some great feedback. Thanks for that! So, I'm doubling down this week. Here's the deal: wod.is now offers multiple workouts for a modest yearly fee.

What this means: I'm setting up the essentials - login, logout, signup, dashboard, and settings. It's a lot, but the goal is to quickly deliver the core value: diverse daily workouts for just $20/year. This includes warm-up, strength, metcon, skills, gymnastics, and stretching.

Your dashboard will showcase a daily-changing grid of workouts. Right now, the workout mix is a bit random. I'm aiming for a balanced variety, but I haven't fine-tuned the specific movements yet.

Looking ahead, I plan to enhance the platform further. For starters, more intelligent daily workout plans and a feature to track and showcase your workout achievements. Stay tuned! 🫡🫡🫡