Weekend Project #1

Subject: racer.land site redesign

racer.land old site


racer.land new site


A year ago, I joined forces with a talented artist and Internet friend Kade. Captivated by his elegant, simple, repeatable character design. I pitched the idea of turning it into an NFT project, and we've been working together ever since.

We have one NFT collection and are planning to expand into toys and maybe clothing. You can browse the collection on http://racer.land/series-1 or on Opensea

The first version of our site was rushed. We knew we could do better. The goal was to strip it down as much as possible and try to let the character form and the word mark speak the loudest.

One key value add here is the improved web3 connection. It’s super seamless, you barely need to know what a wallet is. Even if no one else mints, this is a huge improvement.

This was built using StealthTest and ThirdWeb 🫡