Weekend Project #3

Subject: readthis.sh

Read This

Read This

Every time I'm listening to podcast and a book is mentioned, I find myself trying to jot it down. Since I mostly listen to podcasts while I'm driving, I usually end up forgetting about it.

That got me thinking, what if you could see every book mentioned on a particular podcast, accessible in a list or something. That would be amazingly helpful for someone like me.

Well, I haven't built that yet. But I think I do have something sorta close. I started out by using ChatGPT to generate likely genres and themes based on a prompt and then using that information to search Google Books. It seems to be good with people, celebrities, etc.

This is just a simple experiment. If people are interested, I might add more features. I have tons of ideas, but I had to stop myself. If you have any feedback or just want to slide in my DM's, np. You can connect with me on X, LinkedIn or email me at mail@benjtatum.com

Check it out and let me know what you think! Love ya'll, GM! 🫡