I'm an engineer at Teaching.com. From 2021-2023 I was a founding engineer at StealthTest.com which was acquired by HashLock in 2023.

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I'm developing and managing small SaaS products in my spare time. I share everything I'm learning in real-time on my newsletter.

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Ship It 6: Keeping My Blog Hardcoded

My homepage needs an update and the blog posts section is growing out of hand.

Weekend Project 9: VerySimple UI Component Library

I'm building a UI component library that is simple, customizable, and accessible.

Ship It 5: Refactor a Big Block of Code Into a Mapped Config Using AI

Leverage AI to handle routine tasks such as refactoring, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects.

Ship It 4: Using My AI Assistant to Write Utility React Hooks

Leverage AI to write utility functions and hooks in React instead of installing some random library.