Weekend Project #2

Subject: bentatum.com

Old bentatum.com


New bentatum.com


This weekend's project is a new personal website, a refreshed resume and a blog. This will be my first blog. The goal is to document my journey though family, start ups & product development and life.

The previous version was built in hour or two. I put very little thought into it. I just wanted to get up and running quickly and I would come back to it. It was also under a less-cool domain: benmade.it. Still pretty cool, but not as cool as bentatum.com. I still can't believe that other guy stopped renewing it.

This new version was built with the same stack as before. Next.js, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Cloudinary and Vercel. I'm hard-coding the blog posts for now.

Let me know you think! Love ya'll, gm! ☕️